Tuesday, August 31, 2010

as it fades

sometimes articulate in states of tranquility 
often poignant in instants of rage
few and far in between 
lost in translation and what seems
it's an idea mazed before it unravels 


Monday, August 30, 2010

waking moments

you awoke the loneliness hidden inside
i had neglected to remember this natural high
been travelling on avenues within my mind
as you fly coastlines of forgotten land

my prose defined, constricted and construed
you said dream as you wake far from intrude
i know you'll listen when speaking as i think
the beauty within i misjudged at first blink

we can go swimming in a pool of this 
but the jist is
there's much i did not act, say or portray
i'm dreaming thursday dinner at 8


Saturday, August 28, 2010

the present

haphazard, chaotic, momentus, and absurd
bipolar, extremist, untimely, and unreserved
as understanding dives off the brink
we aimlessly look still for a link

pretty and witty and it rhymes
soulful, scarce, and kind
drawing from parallel worlds
the sanctity of the freedom to think

a tango with confusion
our stage for delusion
twisted, random, deliberate, and intertwined
ecstatic, despaired , subject, and mine


Thursday, August 26, 2010


I had unicorns for lunch today, then leaped to clouds for jelly bean dessert :)



after an age of exploring within; a meticulous moratorium
the culmination of past identities under scrutinized question
coming days will witness the being that emerges
surface, an elegant rise in the aftermath of the dive

though all has been said, and one will repeat tomorrow
it's self-realization that manifests first in self-generation
experiencing both ends of spectrums simultaneaously
many a joy has come from sorrow


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

little gems

this is selected writing I read today, it felt as new to me as the day I produced it. it fascinates how ideas  and perceptions I still believe in today, as I read my old views, have unwittingly internalized.. Hope this mass audience of no followers(as of yet) :) enjoy these words as much as I have and remain.


far from perfection
an evolution of chaos
far from oblivion
where ignorance astounds
words are small and it matters not how they sound
here, logic depreciates, an incomprehensible foul love patiently resonates
as the moment consciosly gathers, the reality soon fades

"rebreathing only our own fetid air, more and more subject to delusion"
                                                                                               Sylvia Plath


to live a day in the world you create


what is freshwater without salt
what of reality without dreams


a priceless ability to bask in dreams
entertaining thoughts of all that seems
roaming avenues as i find unchartered streets


a lucid stream of thoughts where the mind roams
like a water stream running stronger after every dam fought
in the midst of nothing after all has been sought
floating on clouds the eyes can not see
every breath taken is a life ceized



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A social structure built on books centuries old
Even our logic Aristotelian, and since, only induction and deduction introduced
Steering away from cliches of the rich get wealthy
How about we hold accountable the organizations we enrich!

Value added tax on shoe laces and food
but alcohol and nicotine exempt
Political leaders fall far too short
and they are only representations of constituency, so let us not distort!

Scouring the planets for its resources as we squander Earthly ones
Our most advanced technology in the tips of atomic warheads
What a despicable breed, in my future life I'd like to be a pig,
then at least I'll have an excuse to shit where I eat!

A time to realize our collective social conscious,
then carefully reexamine!


February 1, 2009 


Walls dissipate, and the stark reality appears
Masks slowly reveal what the face attempts conceal
To what majestic end when the current condition is the mean
Living for a future as a distant dream while the present remains unwrapped

Strapped. Virtually bound by imagined borders and resource schemes
Unfulfilled. A meticulously organized human bee hive where 7 billion are queens
Stand up.

All of our emotions are in complementary need
We are the instantly gratify and thirsty breed
To realize.


July 30th, 2009

teens and early twenties

the following are snippets of some of my writing over the past decade, my teen years into my twenties, I have been reading them past two days as they have been kept dormant since.  

' there are some who speak of the moment as it fades
  poetic pioneers no longer submissive to evident human demise
  they intracately maginify the issues society refuses to perpetuate
  and many remain, as blind as bats; as sunshine is light

  at loss for words at a need for a clarity
  a yawn perpetuates these experiences with reality
  optimistim remains, and without valuable cause
  the preceding prose is valid

  clarity is a blank page 
  a host of confusion
  pleasant nights are of these
  troubled minds with paper and ink

  there is no pain greater to my being than the drought of words
  I have not written passionately in years '

Monday, August 23, 2010

Early Beginings

I want to begin these postings with words written by my previous self, of around 17 years of age, as I find them today:

My thoughts remain boundless as to where imagination may soar These words are a tool by which I portray what it is I see and encounter

A moral agent within my being takes honor in the escape of reality to transcend thought to words

Yet only in magic does escape become to matters of fiction

I exist in that dimention of thin air where it is difficult to distinguish that which is escape from that which is reality

rather, it is essence to remember that they are both one