Tuesday, August 24, 2010

teens and early twenties

the following are snippets of some of my writing over the past decade, my teen years into my twenties, I have been reading them past two days as they have been kept dormant since.  

' there are some who speak of the moment as it fades
  poetic pioneers no longer submissive to evident human demise
  they intracately maginify the issues society refuses to perpetuate
  and many remain, as blind as bats; as sunshine is light

  at loss for words at a need for a clarity
  a yawn perpetuates these experiences with reality
  optimistim remains, and without valuable cause
  the preceding prose is valid

  clarity is a blank page 
  a host of confusion
  pleasant nights are of these
  troubled minds with paper and ink

  there is no pain greater to my being than the drought of words
  I have not written passionately in years '

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